Towanda is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility currently under construction located in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Once in-service, NiCHe will be able to service a variety of customers from industrial and commercial operators to local gas distribution utilities in the Northeast by providing them with an affordable natural gas supply.

Towanda facility flyover simulation perspective

Project Facilities

The station is located on an approximately 3.7 acre parcel adjacent to the Howard Energy Compressor Station that is part of the gathering system supplying gas to the Towanda site.

  • Chart, Inc. supplied nitrogen expander liquefaction system sized for 50,000 GPD
  • On-site prime power generators
  • Three 60,000 gallon LNG storage tanks for a total of 180,000 gallons
  • Gas pretreatment and other ancillary equipment
  • Truck loading facility

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Increasing access to natural gas to meet the growing demand for cleaner energy and to support economic growth is critical. Natural gas generates half the carbon emissions of coal when combusted, at a lower cost than other less environmentally friendly fuels.

LNG is simply natural gas in its liquid form, when cooled to -260° Fahrenheit. Delivered in specially designed tankers, LNG offers a reliable source of gas to customers in areas without access to pipelines or who are in need of critical back-up fuel source to power homes and businesses.

Project Schedule 

Project Progress - Community Outreach Late 2018 Complete - Begin Construction 2019 Started - Project In-Service Summer 2020


From facility to plant, NiCHe LNG —Towanda’s first priority is safety. We employ highly trained staff with years of experience operating LNG facilities in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. We will work in close coordination with local emergency responders.

Safe storage, safe transportation, and safe usage are requirements for any fuel, and LNG has a long track record of safety in all three areas.

LNG is not flammable in its liquid state and evaporates quickly because it is lighter than air.

The facility will use three horizontal, double-wall LNG storage tanks that have stainless steel inner vessels and carbon steel outer vessels. The tanks will be inspected regularly to check their integrity and maintained to store LNG safely, just as any component would be. They are safe for the use of storing LNG.

The NiCHe LNG —Towanda facility will be equipped with a fire protection system that includes an on-site supply of water for fire suppression, as well as fire, hazard and gas detection capability, which will monitor the area for potential leaks and spills. On-site cooling equipment will be installed for storage tanks.

Regulatory Approval

A full review for permitting by various federal, state, and local authorities was completed for the Towanda Facility. We are working closely with all regulatory agencies and the community to ensure that the project is built and operated with minimal impacts to the environment and the community.


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