Meeting Local Demand

NiCHe can deliver at times of peak demand to locations that may not easily be served by natural gas pipelines, regions with high oil usage or to communities where natural gas may not be readily available. We offer LNG liquefaction, storage solutions, transport and on-site vaporization technology to turn liquefied gas back into its natural state, where it can:

  • Generate electricity
  • Be used for manufacturing
  • Be used for industrial or residential heating, cooling or food preparation
  • Serve as a supplemental gas supply at times of extremely high demand
  • Reduce dependence on oil

Mobile options include temporary trailer-mounted tanks plus vaporizers and skid-mounted tanks with vaporizers for easy deployment. Fixed storage facilities include bullet tanks or field-erected tanks.

Committed To Safety

Safety is a core value of NiCHe from plant operations, to transportation and to the customers' facilities. LNG is non-toxic and the cleanest-burning and safest of all transported fuels. LNG has been safely transported around the world for decades. LNG is not stored under high pressure, nor is it flammable or explosive in its liquid state. If spilled, LNG evaporates and quickly dissipates because it is lighter than air.

Committed To The Environment

NiCHe’s commitment to the environment is backed by sustainable attributes, including offering natural gas supply from responsibly produced gas wells and access to biogas. NiCHe is contracting for natural gas supply from responsible producers who subscribe to well integrity protection, chemical management disclosure, freshwater conservation and low-emission performance. These combined efforts to reduce carbon emissions strengthen the partnership's commitment to building a more sustainable future.

Alleviating Pipeline Constraints

In times of high demand for natural gas, LNG can deliver energy at an affordable price to customers who need an uninterrupted supply of fuel to run their operations. LNG can be used to alleviate constraints on natural gas gathering lines, interstate pipelines or local gas distribution systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

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